Frequently Asked Questions

Do we ship Hanalei Poi to the mainland?

Yes, we generally are able to ship our poi. Please call our office to confirm delivery availability. Shipping costs will be added, based on the buyer’s location. (Hanalei Poi is unable to accept product or delivery liability, once the poi leaves our mill.)

How long can I keep Hanalei Poi in the fridge?

Our poi will last 14 days in the fridge. If you are planning to store it longer, please freeze it as soon as possible. It can keep frozen for up to three months. Please follow directions on container to defrost, if frozen.

Can I feed Hanalei Poi to my baby with allergies?

Poi, in general, is considered a hypoallergenic food and is highly digestible. Our customers have shared their positive experiences when feeding Hanalei Poi to their babies, even when other foods could not be tolerated. If your child’s baby food is thin, we recommend watering down the poi to match the consistency of your child’s food.

Is Hanalei Poi organic and non-GMO?

All taro used to make Hanalei Poi is grown using Best Management Practices (BMPs) set forth by Agriculture and Food Safety guidelines. However, not all taro farms are organic.

All poi is non-GMO. Genetically engineered taro is prohibited in the state of Hawaii. (Please see

Where does the taro used to make Hanalei Poi come from?

All taro used to make Hanalei Poi is grown exclusively on Kauai, which includes the valleys of Hanalei, Waikoko, Waioli, Lumahai, and Wainiha. The North Shore of Kauai produces 75% of all taro used for poi in the State of Hawaii.

COVID-19 concerns?

Hanalei Poi is deemed an essential business as a food manufacturer. We continue to do our best to serve our loyal customers while implementing the necessary social distancing and sanitation guidelines set forth by the CDC and Hawaii State law.

When I purchase Hanalei Poi, what should the consistency be?

The consistency of our poi depends on its temperature. Hanalei Poi is made ready to eat. When not refrigerated, the consistency will be less thick, and will become thicker under refrigeration. Hanalei Poi should remain refrigerated at all times.

Do you offer tours?

Unfortunately, Hanalei Poi is not able to offer tours at this time.

Where can I buy Hanalei Poi?

Our poi can be found at various Hawaii fish markets, mom-and-pop stores, local grocery stores, restaurants, and luaus. Hanalei Poi is also sold at all major supermarkets in Hawaii, including Costco, Times Supermarkets, Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway, and Foodland.

How do I eat or prepare poi?

Our favorite ways to enjoy Hanalei Poi include:

  • Add to smoothies for added nutrition and thickness.
  • Use as a thickening agent in soup, gravy, stew, chili, etc.
  • Mix with honey or maple syrup for a breakfast meal or sweet treat.
  • Add fresh salsa and chopped onions for a savory dip.
  • Make a savory poi bowl, by adding kalua meat or lomi salmon.
  • Use as an added nutritional ingredient in baked goods (breads, rolls, muffins, etc.).
  • Make Hanalei Poi Mochi Donuts:
    • Mix 1 box Mochiko flour with 1 pound of Hanalei Poi, add sugar to taste.
    • Heat vegetable oil in pan. Once hot, and add 1 Tbs. of mixture; repeat as desired or as space allows.
    • When donuts are cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar to taste.
  • Drizzle over pancakes and waffles.
  • Or our very favorite: Eat it straight out of the container!